Equestrian club Vranac

Horse riding in the historical sites in the valley of the Neretva 

Equestrian Club Vranac
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Club stables are located near the remains of a Roman villa Mogorjelo. This villa was a great farm so that today the neighborhood with horse stables is just an extension of the tradition.

The club was established in 2004. Now in possession they have 20 horses of different types, among them is the magnificent Arabian stud.

They also have peaceful Scottish pony which can be ridden even by the smallest kids. And how interesting is to cuddle him and feed with apples and carrots.

Scottish pony
pinterest button Scottish pony Elena Arseijević, CC BY-SA 3.0


The club organizes competitions in the category of endurance.

It is a competition which tests speed and endurance of horses and the rider’s good knowledge of horses and terrain. Endurance or remote riding is a marathon for horses and riders. The goal is to go long trail in nature as fast as possible but in order not to exhaust the horse. Although riders measure the time, the focus is on completion of the competition with physically fit horse, not the fastest passage.

Arabic stud
pinterest button Arabic stud Elena Arseijević, CC BY-SA 3.0

Club offers

  • Riding school
  • Recreational riding
  • Horse riding in the surrounding area (short of the one or two hours and full-day tours)
  • Carriage ride to Čapljina (about a mile) and back
  • Rent a horse-drawn carriage for weddings and other ceremonies
  • Therapeutic riding

Recreational riding

If you already rule the basics of riding skills, you have the option of riding in the meadows in the area (under the supervision of an instructor).

Equestrian Club Vranac
pinterest button Equestrian Club Vranac Elena Arseijević, CC BY-SA 3.0

A carriage for the newlyweds

For romantic souls and those who appreciate tradition and true values, going down the aisle in a wedding carriage highlight of the experience in such a solemn moment as marriage.

Therapeutic riding

The club has developed a therapeutic riding program for children with developmental disabilities.

The initiator of the program is the physiotherapist from America who after his retirement in the USA moved to Herzegovina. The program is voluntary and free to users.

Therapeutic riding includes medical, sports and educational aspects.

Young and curious
pinterest button Young and curious Elena Arseijević, CC BY-SA 3.0

Price list

One lap with instructor – 5 KM
One hour accompanied or unaccompanied with instructors – 20 KM
Carriage rides to Capljina and back – 5 KM per person
Organized groups, field trips and school have a discount.
Service of therapeutic riding is free.


Owner: Mato Dragicevic
The instructor: Ivan Dragicevic


Mogorjelo –  Villa Rustica, 88300 Čapljina 
+387 63 35 36 21